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Back by popular demand ("popular" in inverted commas -- at least our mums like it!) it's The Full English Breakfast, with Lawrence Trent and Stephen Gordon.

In this episode, Trent & Gordon wax poetic on the Olympiad, FIDE elections, Bilbao, Magnus Carlsen's fashion career, and some dude named Will Taylor.

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From the second pilot episode (original airdate March 25, 2009):

F.E.B. #2 - In episode deux, the traveling IMs (NB: Gordon just got his 3rd GM norm, so, GM-elect!) wax poetic on Linares, Mamedyarov’s PR problem, Anand, Amber, blindfold chess, and playing in front of your parents. A Full English Breakfast is part of your nutritious Chess menu.

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From the original two-show pilot (original airdate: February 25, 2009):

F.E.B. #1 - In the inaugural episode, the pair of inimitable IMs tackle the Aeroflot scandal, Kamsky-Topalov, and Linares. (Running time: 25 minutes)

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